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#2 WEBSITE – Siec Przedsiebiorczych Kobiet

A website/network for Women with passion to grow and develop their careers – many useful tips, contacts and events. I have never been on their events, but I have a plan to join one when I will have some spare cash 🙂


Can you learn from soap operas?

The answer is YES!

The TED speaker, Kate Adams, provide us with 4 larger-than-life lessons from soap operas .
In a humorous way, she shows how we can improve our lives, how we can be more happy about who we are, what we do and that it is never too late to change our story.

The lessons are:
1. Despite all obstacles, surrender is not an option – with the example of Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora Internet Radio (a music streaming and automated music recommendation service).
2. Sacrifice your ego – the story of Howard Schultz, Starbucks .
3. Evolution is real – the life of Julia Child, a World War II spy and one of the most known American cook teaching about French cuisine.
4. Resurrection is possible – the story of the speaker, Kate Adams.

It is really worth to see and listen!


9 Productivity Tools used by Successful Consultants

According to the article 9 Productivity Tools Used by Consultants if you are a consulting professional, you should take a look at these 9 productivity Apps:

1. Slack: an all-inclusive community platform, that combines project management, collaboration and communication tools.

2. is excellent at managing emailed tasks, notes for each task, setting up projects between multiple individuals, setting up repeating tasks and so on.

3. connects the Apps and Services you most frequently use. IFTTT makes the Internet work your way by creating tasks that fit this simple formula: “if this then that”.

4. Google Apps: take full advantage of Google Apps platform including- Google Drive, Sites, Hangouts, and many others. Using Google’s enterprise technologies combined with your IT management experience will lead to improved ROI for your consulting business.

5. A resourceful Consultant community in the virtual world where you can sell your documents, buy presentations and explore consulting tools. provides access to the world of useful stuff like consultancy proposals, contracts and best practices, etc.

6. MailChimp: to reach out to more people; It has stellar support, and helps you to design email newsletters, share them on social networks and integrate with apps to track the results.

7. Hootsuite: also known as “Social Media Management System”, helps you to keep track and manage multiple social network channels at once.

8. Tableau: Business Intelligence(BI) tools provide competitive advantage. They help you make smarter business decisions, respond quickly to market forces and better steer business strategies. Data visualization can be very helpful in finding solutions to a lot of hidden problems in business. Tableau is one such BI tool that helps to create compelling and interactive reports, charts, graphs and dashboards using your project data insights.

9. Basecamp: It helps users with to-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones. The best combination of useful features, Basecamp also helps foster real-time communication among teams. You can create multiple projects and add different to-do lists for any given task. With these to-do lists, as well as calendars, due dates and file sharing, Basecamp helps to keep everyone in a team on the same page from start through the end.

101 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest

I came across on the article 101 Ways to live your life to the fullest and I need to admit that those points are really crucial when you want to be happy in your life. Two years ago, I have started to change my way of living and most important the way of thinking. And I have been living accordingly to some of those points – I know that it is not easy, but staying in your zone of comfort is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. You need to remember that probably you will not achieve your goals and dreams if you do not do anything about reaching them. You need to do actions that will bring you closer to the happiness and fulfillment.

I worked in one company for 9 years, because it was very comfortable for me, but I reached one point that this comfort wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I couldn’t develop my career further and I wanted to learn more and something new. I needed new challenges, but my previous employee couldn’t provide it to me, so I quit my job and it was great move. Now I have more passion, time and commitment to focus on my goals.