About Motivation – Just Do It!


I have found an article which shows 4 steps how to give yourself a motivation makeover.

Step 1: Find New Sources

You have to identify people who are talking about motivation in a way that is new  for you. The author described some categories that can help tou to find the right sources:

  • Storytelling – stories that will help you visualize your ability to reach your goals,
  • Performance conditioning – techniques and systems to create better habits,
  • Inspiration – people who achieved bigger goals despite tough life,
  • Nurturing – be positive, keep yourself upbeat

Step 2: Carve Out Time Daily

Use your time to get closer to your goals – this include mental conditioning, physical exercise, and a mindful review of your action plan.

Step 3: Create a Social Media Toolkit

Reprogram your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts to focus on motivational material, follow experts and read articles that are concerining your goals.

There is also a link to a motivation clip 🙂

Just Do It!

Step 4: Build a Support Team

Find people who you respect and admire and ask them if they can help you with your situation.


Below you can find the link to original article:

4 Steps to Give Yourself a Motivation Makeover


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