Internetowe Rewolucje z Google/ Internet revolutions with Google

“Use the potential of the Internet

Gain skills that will help you develop your company and career or just will widen your knowledge – from social media to browsers an much more.”

This course contains 89 lessons and each one provides a video with informations about one of the topics. It is always ending with a test that can show you if you understood everything correctly.

I need to admit that the form of those lessons is very approachable. Each lesson is based on experience of three companies: Chocolissimo, Oponeo and Pixers – emloyees of those businesses are showing how they are using the potential of the Internet. Beside that we are also receiving an example of an imaginary company and on this example the whole process is explained step by step.

In the end of the course I will receive a certificate and I can’t wait to have it on my CV.


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